PlanViewer allows you to easily view electronic TxDOT plans.  You can flip through them and zoom-in or zoom-out with the click of the mouse!  Print the entire set of plans or just the pages you need.


The PlanViewer software gives you access to hundreds of plans at Whitley & Siddons!  You can download the entire set of plans or just the pages you need for projects from this month all the way back to 2000 - 2001!

Customized CD’s

If you do not want to download your plans, Whitley & Siddons can provide you with customized CD’s containing only the projects you need.  You can special order your plans on the Whitley & Siddons’ webpage at:

Free Trial

If you’d like to take PlanViewer for a test drive,

please contact us at 512.477.9491 and we will happily walk you

through set-up and get you started on a free monthly trial.


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